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GM is a well known Soviet era tube, that belongs to DHT kingdom, and reigns supreme as one of the most powerful, reliable, well behaving , long life, musically engaging tube. Frankly, I haven't yet found a 211, 805 or 845 that could hold a candle to the GM70.

Downsides?  It is hard to implement (my problem, not yours) and it is HOT. Very hot. That's why I never use more than one tube per chassis.

Monoblock amps based on GM70 are very attractive proposition. Compared to say , very popular 300B tube, GM70 has 3 x the power, , better bass control, better sounstage, and similar mids and highs. GM70 is cheaper tube, lives longer and has a fun factor of 10.

To implement this tube, we use custom designed power transformer, custom designed output transformer and custom designed filiament transformer for heaters. This tube needs 10 times the heating of 300B.

The resulting sound, on speakers of say no less than 90 dB/W/m is phenomenally dynamic, rhytmic, spacious and colorful. This amp brings back the joy of music and the smile on the face.


Manually controlled bias, bias meter for real time verification, ultra short signal paths, no silicon in the circuit, no interstage transformers, three separate power transformers, with total of 600 VA of power, idle consumption 180 Watts per channel, 4 and 8 ohm outputs, one or two SE inputs RCA, stepped resistor ladder volume control with very precise 48 steps. Dimensions H = 30 (with the tube) , W = 43, D = 52.

On the rack shelf it needs 40 cm total clearance and 60 cm total depth and that includes cables.

due to big changes in the amplifier department we suspend accepting any orders until further notice which is probably 2024. We will come back with our power amps stronger than ever.

GM70new - 1.jpg


Lampizator GM70 amplifiers brings so much tube like enjoyment, that you forget about the gear and just slide into the musical world. It's clear, that this amps are made for music lovers by music lover. In this manner I'm awarding the Lampizator GM70 amplifiers with Mono & Stereo HIGH-END AUDIO award.

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