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Amplifiers are very important part of Lampizator's portfolio. Having amplifiers enables us to offer truly turnkey systems, where we control the sound quality from source to speakers.

The economics of this business dictates, that we can not unfortunately manufacture small, cheap amps, so we have do allocate our precious resources to making the finest amps we can make. Each amp in our portfolio is a unique machine, the finest one in its class.

We follow basically the same principles that we use in our DACs, and we respect the principles that the most demanding audiophiles value so much: Sinle ended topology, point to point wiring, use of silver in the signal path, tube rectification wherever possible, CLC, choke based supplies, stepped ladder volume control, zero feedback (local or global), linear power supplies, etc.

Our portfolio currently stretches from the Stereo Integrated KT150 "ADRIATIC",  Single Ended, DAC-AMP AMBER in EL84 Push Pull, GM70 SET MONO, 211 Balanced Mono, Pacific 211 Balanced, and last but not least the newest Transistor/Tube Hybrid Metamorphosis Mono 350W.

The amplifier lineup is augmented by two Preamp products: Active and Passive, both state of the art preamps.

due to big changes in the amplifier department we suspend accepting any orders until further notice which is probably 2024. We will come back with our power amps stronger than ever.


The amplifier is the muscle of the music system, if the DAC

is the  brain and heart.

The amp sounds very powerful, with strong bass, pure trebles, scary close mids, deep 3-d soundstage - all I wish for and more.

We manufacture the no-compromise monoblock power amplifiers


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