Every our DAC can be ordered with the Volume Control. This means that we add a lot of functionality to every DAC:

  1. Remote control of high quality

  2. Analog inputs - up to 3, any mix of XLR and SE

  3. Display that tells the input and volume

  4. 64 step, very high quality resistor ladder with infinite life expectancy (unlike pots or rotary ladders)

  5. input selector stage

  6. fully active tube stage from the DAC

  7. top of the line copper capacitors

  8. Tube power supply to the analog stage

We also build the same machines WITHOUT the DAC inside and call them preamps. You can order a preamp on the design of Amber 3, Atlantic TRP. Big7MK2, Golden Gate 2 or Pacific. We also have an ULTRA HIGH END passive preamp - perhaps the best of the entire industry that we know of. It is based on a much bigger, costlier and more high end version of our ladder volume control unit. It comes with the remote and everything except tube stage.