The newest REFERENCE PREAMP - an addition to our family. We took the best Amber3 scheme of noval tube stage and married it to the Vinyl Phono MC1 power supply and layout.  And here is the REFERENCE PREAMP - a line stage that enables you to connect all known analog sources, like reel to reel players, cassette decks, tuners, TV, phonostages, CD players, DACs and many more.

We put every effort to make it awesome. Every part, every operating point, every design decision was chosen because of good sound and lifetime reliability. Hence the name REFERENCE.
It is quiet, powerful, dynamic, pure and musical.

The highlights are:

All tube design of maximum purity
Ultra quiet 4-layer PCB with gold plated traces, quadruple thickness of traces, triple laminate thickness and full shielding by gold plated copper.

Lampizator proprietary PCB base support with 360 degree all around edge holding and mass loading (the red board)
Tube rectified PSU with slow start of voltage
Tube regulated PSU  (one EL43 pentode) with 1% voltage supply accuracy and 20x overspecification of peak current
Superb amplification stage design with low output impedance buffer stage to drive difficult amps as well as easy ones
Khozmo top of the line volume control, with 64 discrete steps by ultra precise resistors selected for purest sound
Silver wiring in teflon - inside wherever is required
Power line filter built in
Reference level power transformer, with 10x oversize, impregnated, potted and encapsulated. The lowest noise transformer known to us
two CLC filtering stages with ultra fast MKP capacitors instead of electrolytes, as well as our famous custom made chokes
Copper metal sheet capacitors (Lampizator brand) made by order by Miflex Poland, without any oil or anything like that
Aluminum remote control - custom made for us by Hattor
Balanced as well as SE channels - any combination of 4 inputs and 2 outputs, 4 analog inputs in total
Real copper top cover - like in Golden Gate DAC - for gorgeous look as well as perfect EMI / RFI shielding and lifetime finish (optional)
LCD display with all necessary GUI user information
Some degree of tube rolling ability. (6X5, EL34, ECC99, ECC82) with hundreds of possible combinations and permutations

Max amplification ratio of 20x
Shelf size 43 (W) x 52 (D) x 13 (H)

Net weight: 17 kg, shipping weight in flight case: 30 kg.

Warranty 5 Years.




The newest ULTIMATE PASSIVE - an addition to our family. We use the best of the resistor ladder technology in all our DACs and amps, therefore it is a natural decision to make a dedicated passive attenuator "preamp". However, by having all the box space available, we were able to stretch the design to an abosolute maximum possible, no compromise, cost no object variant - the ONE BIT design, versus 7 bit we (and everybody else) uses normally. 

As a result, we made the largest, most impossible to make  most impractical to build preamp, that offers the best sound quality of all the attenuators known to man.

We know for a fact, that there is a market among the dedicated audiophile purists, for such unique solution leaving nothing to be desired. The real "end of the road" volume control.


At the moment of writing, this preamp has the following features:

  • 4 analog inputs in total. selectable by remote or by the dial

  • any mix of XLR and RCA inputs

  • one RCA output, one XLR output

  • LCD display with user interface

  • Remote control by infrared, made from solid metal milled by CNC

  • 64 steps, in each step only one phisical pair of resistor is in the circuit

  • 128 double relays - in total 256 contacts of which just 4 are engaged at any moment - one per phase

  • balanced operation not by means of an opamp, or signal transformer, but by using quad mono topology - fully quadrupled circuit

  • Resistor values well under 1% tolerance, stereo tracking and phase tracking also 1%

  • Longevity: one million turns.

  • Absolute thermal stability, aging stability, parameter drift, wear and tear - undetectable in a lifetime.

  • Chassis (Amber) 43W x 33D x 13H,   weight Net 6 kG, Gross 10 kG

  • Front silver or black, button and display color by customer request

  • 115 / 230 V user switchable. 100 and 240V operation possible (there are no active signal elements)

  • SE cockets by WBT NEXTGEN, XLR (silver) by Neutrik of Lichtenstein.