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KT150 SE Stereo Integrated Amp

New product coming soon.

KT150 Stereo is our first commercial integrated amplifier. This completely new original design takes the best features of our 211 Pacific Amp Monos and packs them into one chassis. This is the smallest, baddest amplifier we can make - not having to compromise on more or less anything. We have KT88 driver tubes, driving a pair of Single Ended KT150 tetrodes. In this unorthodox application, the connection between driver and power stage is galvanic, capacitorless and transformerless. To create the best amp in its class we chose E80F pentodes as input stage (in triode mode)  and ECC88 as a pre-input, potentiometer buffer. The amp has the best manual volume control money can buy - the HATOR 48 step ladder. Biasing of KT150 tetrodes is manual and we give you the built in meter to help. Actually it is much better than any automatic bias which we never use in power stages.

due to big changes in the amplifier department we suspend accepting any orders until further notice which is probably 2024. We will come back with our power amps stronger than ever.

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