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Pacific was for 4 years on top of our lineup, as so called flagship. The invisible DAC. It has no sonic signature. It does not get in the way, between you and the music.

Our Lampizator R&D laboratory spent 10 years refining one product - with an obsession of good sound in mind - the DAC. We have arrived at this design as the culmination of that research efforts. In average we prototyped one new DAC per week. Listening to it  proves, that it was well worth it. If it could only look as good as it sounds!

Pacific has all the elements that constitute an ultra audiophile product: zero feedback design, latest and best digital conversion technology, tube power supply, active tube anode loading, Directly Heated Triodes in single ended scheme, copper capacitors, and many other features designed with one thing in mind - pure music.


Some facts about Pacific: 

  • Innopvative LAN input with possibility to install ROON BRIDGE

  • DHT triodes with purest sound on Earth

  • 4 digital input types instead of 3: AES/EBU, S/PDIF, Toslink, USB,

4 main variants -

  • Single Ended RCA , no preamp/volume

  • Single Ended RCA , WITH preamp/volume

  • Fully Balanced & Single Ended RCA , no preamp/volume

  • Fully Balanced & Single Ended RCA , WITH  preamp/volume

  • New OLED display, no more LCD

  • Total muting to keep switching noises down

  • Plays every digital file known

  • no drivers needed for any computer operating system

  • Volume control models have one analog input for analog sources (active input with tubes and volume)



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 Special Edition Riccardo Kron Anniversary tubes used for the Pacific DAC are the best KR AUDIO tubes made exclusively

for us and not available anywhere else.

Their magical sonic properties are due to the fact that anodes are covered with zirconium. It gives them that special dynamics of the 242 tube while retaining the beauty of the 300B.


(...) outstanding timbre, and tone, and deep, organic bass lines, and midrange that didn’t suffer an iota from the air, and extension the top end displayed. “Addictive Musicality” is what I scrawled in my RMAF brochure book next to the room name. Sound-staging actively changed from recording to recording (as it should be because sound stage is derived from the recording, not the equipment), which to me is always a hallmark of a truly transparent, and properly-engineered set-up.

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