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During the entire 2020-2021 due to covid and other plagues we had a lot of time to research new circuits. The main outcome is of course HORIZON DAC, which is a game changing product. We used everything we could from this insanely expensive and lavish design and applied it to the new digital engine of the future meant for mid- level DACs. The internal code is ENGINE ELEVEN and it will be gradually introduced to DACS below the PACIFIC  and above the Amber4 - namely to Baltic 3, Atlantic3, Big7-MK3, Golden Gate 3









ENGINE ELEVEN was released on Sept 01 2022 and it is a result of team collaboration in VERY intensive R&D. key highlights of this board are:

  • much more elaborate power supply, requiring six transformer windings to work.

  • very tricky signal and clock isolation and ground separation (5 grounds versus one)

  • new in this price segment - CURRENT conversion DAC type, versus previous voltage type - that results in very analog and sophisticated sound

  • proprietary software managing the conversion process and setup

  • new, zero-relay design with software controlled routing of inputs

  • four input receiver  chip serving all inputs without the need to choose and configure - USB, S/PDIF, TOSLINK, AESEBU - its all there. In retrofit situation we use your inputs 1:1 whatever they were.

  • DSD512x now is a standard without compromise (or switching)

  • perfect muting of all artifacts of switching

  • DC-coupled analog chip-to-tube interface, that opens a whole new window on what is happening in the bass.

ENGINE ELEVEN is retrofit- compatible with all our older DACs as a complete installation package.

Pacific DAC is not subject to upgrades as the sound quality would be roughly the same.

The upgrade package includes: USB module JLS with proper customized firmware, the DIGITAL ENGINE PCB with chipset ELEVEN, additional mains transformer dedicated only to ELEVEN engine and nothing else, the new rear panel with proper descriptors, new tube calibration process adjusted to the new properties of ELEVEN.

Each retrofit job will be priced individually, depending on challenges  and scope. Sometimes it is a simple card swap, sometimes a complete rebuild.

PRICE: a rough price ballpark value will be 25% of new MSRP list price of the DAC plus shipping.

Engine ELEVEN - in a funny way - corresponds with the description of the best sound in the world - because IT GOES TO ELEVEN.

Some other people would associate this code 11 with the girl with magic powers that saves the world. Both associations would not be far off.

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