Golden Gate, our former flagship, was the most successful of all our products. It reigned for 3 years as the top choice of critical audiophiles around the world. Since it was superceded by the Pacific, it still has cult following. And tens of great reviews. We decided not to discontinue it, nut instead - tricle down as much technology as is feasible from the Pacific and make Golden Gate a very solid performer for less money than the Pacific. And that's how Golden Gate 2 was born. Since late 2018 we ship GG with following improvements versus the old GG1:  New, completely redesigned heater circuit, more stable, precise and colder than previously, and that allows us to add a 5 position heater switch, and that in turn allows for using circa 7 DHT tube types, like 300B, PX-4, PX-25, 101D, 45, 242 and the like. Also with mechanical adapter of the socket we can use KR-T-100 gigantic triodes. The digital section is a direct streamline of the new Pacific engine, with code name "engine53". Triode operating scheme has been radically redesigned, making the same triodes sound more open, dynamic and detailed. We also use new USB firmware, better DSD engine, 512 DSD as standard, all new volume control resistor ladder, new remote control, new footers, and new, good looking rear panel. It looks actually better from behind than from the front.

What we kept - is the gorgeous copper chassis, new but old looking Lampi front, and a flight case to protect this babe during travel.

All in all - Golden Gate 2 has obvious Lampizator pedigree, while being much better DAC than its predecessor - in every area we can name.

It is all very well looking pretty, but musical performance is what this DAC focuses on. The first facet that any new user will recognise upon inserting a Golden Gate into their system regardless of choice of speakers

or electronics is an enveloping and enormous 3-dimensional soundstage that projects forwards and backwards beyond room boundaries at a level that is state of the art. I have heard many top flight DACs and none will create this experience.