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(Premiere October  2020)

 We put everything that we could from that legendary design of an old Level4 into Baltic-3.

You get tons of very cool features here, at a price that is almost too good to be true:  phenomenal digital engine, triode output stage, DC coupling of all stages, double thickness front panel, new engraved rear end, tube based, choke filtered power supply with directly heated dual diode - 5C3S or 5U4G or 274B or GZ37 or 5W4R.  Add Copper Caps, balanced circuit - all in one neat package.

The Baltic project is our attempt on the pinnacle design made with octal tubes. The whole octal tube kingdom is the biggest one, with tens of tube models and thousands of brand / version variations. These tubes today can cost as little as 2 Euro or as much as 500.
Our highest level DACs, in order to surpass the quality of noval tubes by a small margin, had to come from DHT kingdom, but Baltic, a result of our 13 years efforts and experiments and prototyping - push the octal design to absolute limits. It makes the Baltic-3 our highest model with octal tubes. One could argue that the Baltic-3 is in fact the turbocharged Amber 4 on steroids, but there is more than meets the eye.


Volume controlled model has a display, remote, auxiliary analog inputs - SE and XLR for other sources like turntables, tuners, reel-to-reel etc
5 years warranty
W x H x D = 430 x 130 x 500 [mm]   Weight net 13 kG, gross 19 kg.
Output impedance 200 Ohms
Choice of inputs  ( a sum of four is maximum) S/PDIF RCA, AES/EBU, Toslink USB.


Balanced Tube DAC 

In our endless efforts to research and design DACs, we arrived at this design. Combining everything we know about DAC designing, at an unbeatable value. Our goal was to get as close as we can to the Golden Gate sound, but at roughly 1/3 budget.

The resulting DAC positions itself with technology and sound between the Amber4 and the Golden Gate 2. This DAC is a big leap in sound quality over the old Baltic 1.

We are very proud of this DAC, being worthy of our 10th anniversary in this industry and showing the best LampizatOr qualities at a slightly more affordable price point.



  • Every unit is SE and Balanced at the same time, no need to configure the unit as balanced.

  • True balanced topology with four  channels - one per each phase of stereo sound.

  • Our newest 2022 engine also with DSD512 on board as standard

  • True Copper output capacitors

  • Volume control  as an option

  • 4 digital inputs: USB, SPDIF, TOSLINK and AES/EBU in every DAC

  • New tube topology that redefines what is possible with tubes in the DAC

  • Fully tubed, directly heated dual diode rectified, CLC filtered anode power supply.

PCM 384 kHz, DSD x512, fully balanced from input to output
Output impedance 200 ohm per phase
Output level: 3 Vpp
Operating systems: USB input is compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC
Tube Compliment: 2 pieces of 12BH7 or ECC82, 2 pieces of 6SN7-BE, (or CV181-T or 6H8C or 6SN7GT)

one rectifier DHD : 5U4G or 274B or 5C3S or 5Y3 or GZ37 or 5R4WGB.
Standard front panel is : Powdercoat Structural Matt Black:

As paid option choose any RAL like : charcoal, powder silver, white, red, British Racing Green
Top chassis: charcoal, silver, white, red, at extra cost: real copper.
 Front button: Blue, Orange/Amber, White, Red, Green
Extra cost: custom-fit flight case, Copper top.



Greg Weaver Review: