Amber amp - is the product I am most proud of. My original idea of interweaving the DAC circuit directly into the power stage of a great push pull amp resulted in a unique product. What makes it special, is that a relatively simple DAC and relatively modest amp, as a sum, give 1+1=4. Not even 3. The Amber Amp is much greater than sum of its parts, and sounds 2 classes better than our Amber DAC connected externally to a Push Pull EL84 Amp. The technical synergy between the DAC and the push pull  amp is just stunning. The Amp can do away with the single biggest evil of amps - the PHASE SPLITTER. Instead in this simple and elegant design the chip itself drives each push pull triode directly. We run EL84 pentodes in triode mode, without feedback or ultralinear taps. This amp has to be heard to be believed.

Main features: 4 and 8 Ohm taps, USB and SPDIF and TOSLINK inputs, per request - three headphone outputs can be added because it makes a phenomenal headphone amp. We use Jack, XLR 3 pin balanced and 4 pin balanced XLR sockets.

DAC section does DSD512 as well as 384K PCM. Volume control is by means of a manual 48 step resistor ladder of highest obtainable quality.


This product is almost too good to be true. It has power, authority and bass normally associated with 30 WPC amps. It has the soundstage and the space normally associated with much more sophisticated gear. It is lively, transparent and a lot of fun.

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