Atlantic DAC was made 5 years ago, to the memory of Lukasz Fikus' sailing trip across the Atlantic ocean. It was meant to put in one attractive package as many features of the most desirable audiophile wish list - as possible. From early 2019 we redesigned the Atlantic, mainly to enable the last missing feature from that wish list - ability to roll (change) tubes. The use of octal base pinout, compatible with power tetrodes and pentodes, plus only one and common 6,3 V heater voltage, enabled us to offer tens of different tube types to be used alternatively. Hence the new name - TRP = Tube Rollers Paradise. Just one internet tube store offers 120 tube models compatible with Atlantic-2 TRP DAC. Add to it the multiplication of NOS brands etc. We tested TRP with circa 20 tube types, and frankly we haven't found one that plays bad.

Moving upwards from Amber and Baltic, you get the first DAC that doesn't use so called small signal tubes but instead - we use the overkill power tubes, acting like small signal. They are way off the typical operating points used in amplifiers, and that's why these tubes in our DAC are not stressed, not running out of steam, but instead acting with unheard-of authority, ease, grace and dynamics. The resulting sound character of this DAC is a whole level better than obtainable from any small tube. You owe it to yourself to hear what such pentode system can do. It would be like the first ride in a V8 car. There is - simply speaking - no going back.


The main features of this DAC are:

Tube based power supply, choke CLC filtering, copper output caps, engine #198 with DSD256x , Balanced or Single ended - by order, possibility to add full preamp feature with remote control, display, and resistor ladders. Balanced configuration is truly balanced, not merely an SE circuit with phase doubler at the end. You get also analog preamp inputs, newest USB firmware for Linux and Windows, and as standard you get the fine EL34 tetrodes that we can obtain from series production.

The top cover on Atlantic 2 TRP DAC is CHARCOAL BLACK (not copper as on the pictures)

So called Golden Atlantic 2 DAC is very popular among our customers due to the exclusive real copper top. It is not a mere decor, or copper clad steel. it is a sheet of pure German copper. We decided to create an exclusive luxury version of the Atlantic - the Golden Atlantic. For the price increase of 2000 Euro you get : Copper Top, WBT sockets at the back, premium power supply capacitors, Better tubes from the best ones we know, elegant flight case custom made for this product and Stacore footers.

This version is pictured below.



The “clarity” in this DAC — and by that I mean a combination of immediacy and “openness”, a description that almost defies words if the actual experience of the unveiling isn’t also in the offing — is excellent. If I was a reviewer of the “the arbitrary number assigner” stripe, I’d be giving the Atlantic a clear 10 out of 10, so that tells you how freakin’ impressive I think it is. Chances are, you’ve never heard a DAC like this.