The music server

for the most demanding audiophile

The LampizatOr DSD Komputer is a professional Canon 400 mm f/2.8 lens, bringing astounding clarity and vivid imaging; when you are used to shooting photographs with a stock lens, the differences are astounding.  It wasn’t that my system lacked for clarity and detail before; the Von Schweikert VR-5 Hovland Special Edition is a very revealing speaker, but with the DSD Komputer  as its source, my system’s performance is superb.When the song finished, he said, “I feel like I died and went to heaven!”I couldn’t have said it better.  An Audio Expo in my living room?  Yes -- and more.  With the LampizatOr DSD Komputer, my quest for a music server has ended.  

I’ve found SuperKomputer to be an exceptionally fluent performer. Its inherently easygoing sound, enhanced by deep, tangible and precise soundstage with background as black as Autumn’s night, makes the outcome coherent, very enjoyable and on the laid back side.