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Lampizator = DACs. This product put us on the map back in 2009, and we continue to be on cutting edge of DAC sound. The digital revolution is here to stay, and that makes the DAC even more of a main block, a foundation of any good stereo system. Even if CD era ends inevitably soon, the DAC will always work with all other sorts of sources besides the CD transport - with music servers, streamers, NAS, satellite dishes, cable TV, Netflix, etc.

We at Lampizator try to offer a perfect DAC for very wide range of budgets, never loosing sight of the medium and entry level. Amber4 - our newest entry level DAC, we firmly believe is the best DAC in the world in the sub 4000Euro price range.

And same goes for the flagship Horizon - having simply no equal at its price point.

All our DACS are-  at the same time - also active tube preamps - allowing to connect vinyl rig, reel to reel, tuners, SACD players, etc. The Preamp section is of the highest obtainable caliber at any price level of our portfolio.

Rather than copy any solutions from anybody else, we learn good practices from very best old masters,  engineers from the tube era.



  • Selection of chipset mix (DAC and RECEIVER) that sounds best

  • Creation of immaculate tube analog stage that is an interface between the chip and the amplifier

  • Creation of power supply which makes a huge difference - for both the analog stage as well as for the chips

  • Selection of high-end parts like NOS tubes, silver wiring, copper foil PIO capacitors, iron core chokes and transformers made to our specs from Polish Copper.

 The DAC which made us famous can be seen

 as a combination of four factors:  

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