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LampizatOr Loudspeakers - SUBWOOFERS

In endless search for the best sound in any given room we came to realization that the best rooms at any given exhibition, or private home demo - are equipped with subwoofers.


The role of a modern day sub in the context of a high end stereo system is NOT to add BIG BASS like it is in the home theater.

Most good stereo systems already have good bass coming from the main stereo pair. However NO MATTER how good this bass is - the addition of two or better four subs - makes a very special sensation of endless space and soundstage, and makes the sensation of listener's participation in the recorded event. This is quite spectacular and can not be explained without trying.

During the creation of our three reference rooms in Warsaw, we built our own subs and we decided to offer them to the customers.

The subs come in two categories: mid power subwoofer  called Bora and high power called MelTemi

The mid power does everything well, it has DSP and all the adjustments inside a 250WPC amplifier.

The high power  has 4 x the weight of the bass driver and 500 WPC linear amplifier. 25% larger enclosure and 25% thicker walls.

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