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There are two things that we do best: building good sounding products and customer care. We take it very seriously.

Dear Customer: if you own the Lampizator Product - not only you own a superb, hand made treasure, that should deliver very unique musical experience, but also you belong to the elite club of Lampizator users for whom we care the best we can.

To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction we do the following:

  • Unconditional initial one week test period / money back / refund / return

  • Unconditional, transferable, global 3 years warranty (excluding tubes)

  • Customized production specifications

  • Direct customer shipping

  • Customized upgrade program during and after warranty.

  • Unique trade-in policy

  • Unique second hand service policy

  • Intercontinental network of relations

In short, it means that: the customer wanting to buy Lampizator Product has no risk of buying the product he doesn’t like in the end.

He can listen in the comfort of his own room/system and decide if he wants to keep it or return.

The customer has no risk of not having the necessary inputs, outputs and options. Everything is ordered and agreed before assembly.

After the purchase shall the p
roduct require service or tuning, Lampizator will repair and send back the product to meet the specification and work perfectly.

If the User has forgotten anything initially (like adding inputs, outputs or computing power, updating firmware etc.), or if new developments occur, the User can request upgrades and changes at a later date. The prices of these upgrades are available from Lampizator.

If the User decides to invest in a new, more advanced product - we recommend that he stays with the Lampizator family.

He can trade in his old product for the new, higher product. Instead of selling the product and taking associated risk  - the old products will be bought back by Lampizator Company. For the value of time that passed by - we discount the list price of an old product by the depreciation factor of 1% per month. In other words, a 3 years old product will be bought back for 64% of MSRP.

If the Lampizator product is being sold on the second hand market, Lampizator offers Worldwide Unique Second Hand Service Program. That means, that during the transaction between buyer and seller, the product can go for FREE to the Lampizator address first, where it will be checked, tested, calibrated, fixed if necessary and resent to the new owner with a certificate. New packing will be added if necessary. The seller and the buyer can sleep well and not worry about the transaction being satisfactory for both parties. We don’t charge anything for this service except the shipping charges. We just want the old product to be up to snuff and always satisfying like as if they were new.


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