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All our know how, experience and  passion went into this creation.

We are extremely proud of our amplifiers - everything we though was important - is there.


Specification of our monoblocks:

• Single Ended triode mono block integrated amp  (no need for a preamp although it can be useful)

• dimensions WHD : 450 x 140 (250 with tubes) x 500 mm deep

• weight: net 29 kg per each mono before packing (35 kg packed)

• Gross shipping weight of a pair: 70 kg  (170 lbs)

• Power consumption: 180 WPC on idle, per channel

• Input impedance: 50 K

• Output impedance (speakers recommended) 4 or 8 Ohm

• Output transformer: OGONOWSKI / Lampizator  EI type

• High Voltage transformer: 

• Biasing: manual  (with exposed pot and meter)

• Volume: Stepped input ladder switch (48 SMD resistor pairs)

• Power transformers total crossection: 700 VA. 4 transformers in total per side

• Anode supply: 920 V DC

• Available front colors: black or silver  (top always silver)

• Input socket topology: one RCA SE or RCA+XLR for balanced (second input possible)

• Biasing range: -60 to -140 V DC  (covers many tube variants)

Possible tubes: GM70, 211, 845 and by request 300B.

The amplifier employs only the most radically “kosher” circuit features like:

  • Single ended triode operation from input to output

  • Pure Class A

  • Zero feedback, neither local nor global

  • Zero solid state parts in audio circuits

  • Unregulated and over specified supplies

  • Separate transformers for each task (four in total per side)

  • Short signal path - from RCA to pot - 2 inches of silver wire, same  from pot to first  tube, same from the first to the second tube and a hop across one capacitor to main tube without additional wiring.

  • Power tube bias current is monitored on analog needle meter

  • No need for triode matching as the bias is set manually.

  • There is a possibility to compensate aging drift on power tubes

  • All tubes will be available forever in plentiful supply (only circa 160 USD per one of  graphite GM70 or 211, or 845 , and 100 USD for all other tubes)

  • Pots can be bypassed completely for the “power amp” operation  mode.

  • 4 and 8 ohm output taps available for perfect speaker matching

due to big changes in the amplifier department we suspend accepting any orders until further notice which is probably 2024. We will come back with our power amps stronger than ever.

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