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The MC phono stage pre-preamp

also with MM =  Moving Magnet

100% pure tube job, no silicon inside

Debut June 2022 !

From the designer

The Lampizator Vinyl Phono VP4 is a result of long research that we took regarding the feasibility of creating the no compromise phonostage that is worthy of our reputation in DACs. 

There were some basic criteria which we thought are important, namely:

No silicon
MC input without external SUT
Tube rectified PSU

All in one box design
Tube stages for input and output
No negative feedback
Premium parts
User switchable input loads for MC  (low - normal - high)

Big housing like the Big 7 DAC
Finish variants with black top, copper top, etc
Concealed tubes
Nixie display for 5 input loads and muting
“volume” style knob for selector of loads
Needle current meter

Last but not least: all our vinyl products listed here are ONE BOX, without an ugly PSU box hanging somewhere behind the rack. We strongly believe that power supply should be as close to "power consumers" as possible, and properly designed product proves that this is optimal solution. Outboard PSU are made by designers who don't know any better.


Out goal is to target directly and successfully the top end of the market - players like Kondo, Audio-Note, EMT, EAR deParavicini, and similar phono stages. The initial sales tests confirmed, that we succeeded to achieve that goal and in most cases at a substantially lower price.



We decided to streamline MC1 and MC2 into one VP4 product which in its 4th revision is simply a much better platform for building various options on it.

 VP4-MC inputs  (x2) , one MM input, single ended output RCA pair,  (8000 Euro plus VAT tax)

OPTIONS: VP4-Balanced - with both RCA and XLR outputs (+2000 Euro)

VP4 may be ordered as "silver" version that means silver SUT transformer in place of copper one, silver wiring, RCA from WBT, copper chassis , flight case. (+4000 Euro)

Phono_MM1-Black - 1.jpg

Lampizator Vinyl Phono VP4
(flagship phono product)
(June 01. 2022)

The Lampizator Vinyl Phono VP4 is at the time of writing the pinnacle of RIAA Pre-Preamplifier design from Lampizator. The MM1 / MM2 / MC1 product were so successful, that we decided to take the hard path of offering the ultimate convenience flagship product for the die hard "three arm" vinyl maniacs. Or who knows - three table guys, perhaps.

It is a result of long research that we took regarding the feasibility of creating the no compromise Phonostage that is worthy of our reputation in DACs. 

There were some basic criteria which we thought are important, namely:

One box solution, elegant and bold

No silicon
MC and MM  inputs combined in one design

All 3 inputs RCA, also outputs fully balanced XLR's as well as SE RCA's

Tube dual diode rectified PSU

            MUTE function




Basic Specifications VP4:


Inputs: One stereo MM input (RCA) and two stereo MC inputs (RCA)

Outputs: One stereo RCA output with < 1Kohm output impedance, one XLR stereo output with <1k per phase impedance

Amplification factor: Total of 3200x, (70 dB)

Cartridge compatibility: Moving Coil MC and Moving Magnet MM

Number of input load settings: 5 for MC, 1 for MM input

Output level on average music material: 2V pp

Output headroom: 10x

Power consumption: 60W

AC mains: 110/115/220/230V AC /  50 - 60Hz

Tube compliment: 4 x 6N2P-B, 4Xecc803, 2x 6N6P, 1X6X5, 1 x Nixie

Shelf footprint: 43x51 cm (W x D)

Total height clearance: 13 cm

Weight (net / shipping gross):  17 kg / 25 kg  (19/27 with copper)

Power supply: fully linear, 150 Watt, fully regulated for every consumption point.

Paid "visual"  options: Copper top, spare kit of tubes.

Lampizator Vinyl Phono SILVER LINE (Nov 21. 2020)

The Lampizator Vinyl Phono VP line has been enriched by the addition of silver wired transformers. Such ultra expensive and radical solution is very rare and exotic, while offering the best signal transparency and magical purity, that can be appreciated on very revealing top end systems. To this end we decided to add some equally exotic solutions that would make the whole "package" of our ultimate offering. This affects only the MC products - not the MM (where no SUT is used)

What you get in the silver package:

- silver SUT on an amorphous core

- all copper  capacitors in the signal path

- copper top of the chassis

- flight case custom made for a given product

MC2SILVER - 5 (1)
MC2SILVER - 6 (1)
MC2SILVER - 3 (1)
MC2SILVER - 2 (1)
MC2SILVER - 4 (1)
MC2SILVER - 1 (1)


Pure tube design

Zero Feedback

Copper output caps

Amorphous core, high end SUT

Tube power supply

Tube rectification

Oversized transformer

Numerous CLC filter stages

Transparent, 3-D sound

Explosive dynamics

Zero fatigue

User selectable cartridge loads

4 layer PCB

Stone silent background

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