LampizatOr Loudspeakers

Our loudspeakers simply re-define what you thought was possible for the money. We have 25 years of experience of designing and building loudspeakers.

Our speakers are for sale ONLY in the European Union due to shipping constraints

We follow some basic principles:

Speakers must be sensitive and easy to drive for tube amps as well as transistor amps.

They must be 3 ways only - not 1, 2 4 or 5. Only 3 way gives optimal results.

Speakers must be full range - without any compromise in bass department or in high frequencies department.

Best results are obtained when the speaker has no box - open baffle with bi-directional propagation is the best.

Paper cone dynamic drivers are the best, ribbon tweeters give the purest treble possible.

Aging should be no factor - our speakers will last 50 years without re-coning or any service at all.

The look factor is secondary - we don't want you to pay 80% for the looks of the "furniture". Thats why , despite being the giant killers - our speakers cost so little.

Our speakers will work well in small rooms as well as in big rooms - from 20 sqm to 100 sqm.