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Mono Block Hybrid 350W Amp

Lets face it - there isnt an awful lot of tube friendly, sensitive speakers on the market. Vast majority of high end speakers are made with an assumption of unlimited power available to "drive them". This is so important, that we decided we can no longer ignore that huge part of the customer base and we decided to come up with a powerful amplifier.

After listening for reference to almost every solid state amp that we could beg, borrow or steal, we became very frustrated with the test results.

As expected - most of these amps were difficult to listen to for more than a couple of songs. And that said - ONLY when our tube DAC was used the sound would barely pass our internal criteria of high end sound.

That frustration lead to a strategic decision, that if we are to embark on the solid state amp creation - it will be a hybrid.

We contracted the R&D from a reputable boutique company from the south of Poland, whose prototype beat all the amps we tried so far.

That's how the Metamorphosis was born - we added the flavor of a superb input and driver stage on tubes (12BH7) and the transistor section is ultra cool design with very few and VERY powerful new generation of "supertransistors". We achieved approx 350Watts of power per monoblock and maintained the good qualities of tube sound. Many hybrid constructions achieve the worst of two worlds combined, we managed to get the best of both world in the best sense of this term.
The amps are balanced and have single ended inputs as well. they are of very high input sensitivity and can be driven without a preamp. A passive vol ctrl is enough, or a source with variable output.

Metamorph - 1.jpg

New product coming soon. in August.

Metamorph - 3.jpg
Metamorph - 2.jpg

Main specs: tube input, bipolar output, monoblock amplifier.

Maximum power 350 W per channel

Compatible with 8, 4 and 2 Ohm speakers

XLR and RCA inputs

Input sensitivity 0,7 V pp

Power transformers : 4 per side, total 800 VA

Colors: Black : sides / front/ top, optionally copper top plate

True balanced topology

One triode half per  phase -  12BH7

Tubed phase splitter for SE input 

Mains (non changeable by user): 115 v or 230 V

Size 43W x 52 D x 13H

Weight: net 29 kg, shipping 39 per channel

Metamorphosis Hybrid Power Monoblocks
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